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Today we focus on one story.  We will do activities in class and the computer lab.  A One-Mile Race from


  • Present the vocab list on the board.
  • Ss will write the words in their notebooks.
  • Review verbally for comprehension
    • Ask which words are unfamiliar
    • Ask Ss to explain/define or translate familiar words
  • Ss write vocab on index cards – English one side, translate if needed.
  • Spread cards out on desk
  • As I read the story aloud, Ss place cards in order they appear in story.  We do this together, I check off each word on the board as we go.

Vocabulary List for A One-Mile Race


The Story

A One-Mile Race

There is a race today. He puts on his shorts. He puts on his sneakers. He goes to the track. It is a one-mile race. Other boys show up at the starting line. The race starts. All the boys run fast. They run around the track four times. The race ends. He comes in third place.

Computer Lab

Go to A One-Mile Race on to hear the story.

Do the exercises below:

  • Cloze – fill in the words
  • Crossword – a puzzle, use the vocabulary words
  • Sentences – make a correct sentence
  • Dictation – listen and write what you hear

Comprehension: Quiz on my site



  • G finished all, except Comprehension Quiz – will do it at home.
  • Y had to leave at 2 – working on Crossword

Next Class

  • Ss retell story using index cards
  • Finish lab – (and something new for G)

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5Dec, 2014 | In Class

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Today we had a small class.  At first it was G and I.  Then S joined us a little later.

We continued with Present Continuous/Progressive:
(bold texts are links)

Note: place a Try Again button after the questions on The Wind and The Sun

Send link to story w/quiz to L and S via email

19feb class

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We have , M, and G. A full class!

We started with an Aesop’s Fable: The Goat and the Ass.
I decided to transcribe the story.  Mule, not ass!  And write it on the board.  Maybe not the best idea, it’s longer than I thought.  But writing is good…punctuation too.  They were keen to write it down themselves.

I). The first hour of the class was preparing for the story:
Writing. Vocab mainly.  To make sure they understood all of the words.

I explained periods and quotation marks.

Vocabulary: Phones and dictionaries in hand
fable, jealous, treat, badly vs bad, grind, mill, carry, heavy, pretend, seizure, ditch, hurt, lungs, moral, told, lie, should, kill, help, veterinarian

Grammar: To Tell and To Take – Simple PPF only.  Gave examples of Take.  Take a bath, take an exam, etc.  Each spontaneously gave me great similar examples of Take.

II). The Fable:


  • We each read the story aloud.
  • I went through it line by line, clarifying with their help.
  • I told the story.
  • I had them tell me the story in their own words.
  • Conclusion:  The goat was bad. She told the mule to do something bad and ended up dead because of her bad idea.

At the end of class I was applauded!!  Big satisfied smiles and good words from everyone.  So awesome.  We rocked it!

* I made sure they knew what a fable was before leaving class.  Not just a story.  Our conclusion: a moral story, ideas about conscientiousness.*

Next Class:

Finish Chap 1.  Start workbook too?

Computer Lab ideas:

  • Quiz about the story?  Some vocabulary q’s? Using their notebooks.
  • Exercises for Chap 1 that accompany the book on computer – Ventures site.  Maybe the following week – after the Workbook.

More Lab Ideas:
Again: Set up gmail accounts.  And/or get email addresses.
Spend a few/couple of minutes in lab writing to me.  Punctuation important!  One idea per sentence to start.

  •  Perhaps about class that day…likes, dislikes, more of something.
  •  How do they feel today?  Tired, happy, worried?  Present some mood words on the board first.  Review To Be.
  •  Desires. I want to…I would like to….  Present their suggestions on the board first.  Stress infinitives – I want To Do something.


11sept 2013

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We worked:

1.) on writing
Your favorite game or toy when you were a child. We discussed the answers and I wrote significant words on the board for each person. Then they wrote down what they told me.

2.) next we read the penguin story.  Save the rest for next week.  Joanna had to leave early.

3.) on Alma’s favorite game, her writing and I corrected her work. On the board.


Rosalinda is still in Mexico this week.

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