About Me

Hi!  I am a volunteer.  I teach English to those who grew up speaking other languages.  The place we have class is called LifeWorks in Austin, Texas.  I teach for 2 hours one day once or twice a week, and I love it.  It is a luxury to have diligent, hard-working and dedicated students.  The energy and enthusiasm from the students is inspiring – so corny but very true.

I have no teaching experience.  There are several generations of teachers in my family, and several teachers with each generation.  But not me.  So I am as challenged as my students.  If you can do volunteer to teach English.

The students are Advanced Beginners to Intermediate.  They do not pay for the classes and the facility is stellar.  The classes are ongoing – no semester system. The students move when they are ready.  So, it is very fluid – we get high beginners introduced to an intermediate level.  A challenge I have not overcome yet.  I have students that have advanced to higher levels, but continue my class anyway.  Flattering and very special.  It does add the the level gap.  But in a positive way.

Lifeworks is an important part of the Austin Community. The provide many life empowering services and shelters.  Please visit their site:



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