Class September 28, 2015

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Monday. Today is cloudy, warm and breezy. It is overcast too. The sun peeks through the clouds sometimes. When the sun comes out it gets hot.

Conversation about the past weekend.


We talked about sleeping habits and used that for grammar work.

Positive simple present and negative, positive simple past and negative. Written. See photo below:


We reviewed some translations from the list page 39, Negative To Have chapter from *……

  • Whisker, facial hair on men and animals
  • Mean, as an adjective
  • Trunk
  • Finish this list…



Class 21 Sept. 2015

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Beautiful, kind of hot, day. Clear blue sky with slight, occasional, breezes.


To Have

  1. Simple present
  2. Negative
  3. Question

Home work assigned to do exercises and vocabulary from ***** book.

3 chapters.



The students prepared information about the symbolism of their nation's flag. I pulled up an image of the flag while each student presented the info to the class. Very interesting!!!

  1. Dominican Republic
  2. Mexico

Next Class

  1. Review homework
  2. Practice conversation
  3. I will present the US flag





20sept – after class

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Attendance – Ania and Joanna

Ania has returned!  Yay!   Joanna baked an organic cake using her grandmother’s recipe.  She explained the recipe and instructions to Ania.  That was fun.  It is very simple, moist and delicious.

I am missing my notes from last week.  I need to sit and recall what we did.

Today I reviewed Present Simple vs Continuous per post.   Using Do/Don’t Does/Doesn’t.  Statements and forming questions.  A couple of key phrases – Could you repeat that?  I did not understand what you said, plus.

Somehow – oh yes, Joanna’s bus ride – we talked about Drunk.  Being drunk vs being a drunk=drunkard.  And the verb to Drink.  And crazy people on the bus.

We discussed the, re-assigned, homework about American Citizenship: why yes or no?  I asked questions and noted key terms on the board.  Good discussion.  Next week I will have them write in their notebooks for me to collect and check.  In this case, it is not impromptu, I will be tighter on the corrections.  As I had them think and write it out first.

Next week Ania will bring cake!  I guess my turn is coming up. 😦 Oh dear!


Note, Simple Present Tense

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I need to clarify Simple Present to contrast with doing something currently and in general:

– Use Simple Present Tense to say what someone or something does (or does not do) on a regular basis.

– Use SPT to state facts or to make generalizations.

Form SPT questions:
– Use “do” and “does” to make questions

Negative statements SPT:
– use “don’t” and “doesn’t”

Form statements
– he/she/it = does/doesn’t + infinitive v
– others = do/don’t + infinitive v
– primarily, for our purpose, to form negative.

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