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December 19, 2013 § Leave a comment

Things we need to work on

1).  Writing!  Expressing personal thoughts and opinions on paper.   

  • Favorite subject in school or something that interests you
  • Something that interests you and why?  – follow up lab: Google search and take notes
  • Write from Google search notes. 
  • Leisure time #1 – what do you like to do at home alone?  If you have/had time to do it. TV, reading, phone calls, cleaning
  • Leisure time #2 – what would you do if you had time and money?  Travel, school – details about activities.


2).  Reading comprehension and discussion

  • Current events and news stories – check my feeds for material and follow up questions
  • History – world and US, Constitution Bill of Rights, Prohibition, Civil Rights.  Simple, brief written handouts
  • For me – plan vocabulary accordingly


3).  Activities that require directions: Computer Lab

Crossword puzzles, puzzles, quizzes and other excercises on computer – to learn to read, understand directions, and follow them.





after class 11nov

November 11, 2013 § Leave a comment

Class Session:

  • We did the Tonugue Twister
  • Vocab: bittern, bitter, biter
  • And conjugated To Bite, regular verb – simple present, past and future
  • Missed Modals
  • Computer lab completed and finished puzzles – Joanna did the games too (she liked it very much) – I had them post their interpretation of the photograph in comments, if they had an email address.

Maribel and I stayed late to finish a puzzle – food
A very successful class! Yay! Except the headphones were a problem again. I requested speakers. They may buy headphones again too.

Next class:

Preferably printouts:

  • Bring is lists of some Regular and Irregular Verbs
  • Also reflexive pronouns: himself, myself, themselves etc.
  • Modals in general – intro
  • Modal – CAN

Postcard exercise for writing – Glitterbook.  Possibly a letter instead – no card or mail…unless they have someone to send something to in English

  • Write postcard/letter in GB
  • Copy to real postcards
  • Post cards to someone, themselves, me?  Whichever.

30oct 2013 post class

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Today we had three students in class. Ania, Joanna and Maribel. We spent a lot of time talking. And I corrected. They are doing so well communicating! M has not been well, so we spent some extra time in discussion. It was a good exercise for vocab. J would like to learn to read recipes in English. I had sent her a request for instructions to make that cake. She will email it to me.

A brought cake! She is an excellent cook. So we had two weeks of cake!

I had them write in the Glitter Notebooks (from me) about why they want to be American citizens. They were very earnest and diligent, and asked a couple of really good questions about freedom and democracy, so I gave them 30 minutes.

We worked on the computers after cake…see 30oct on ESL Computer Lab Did the first one. They liked it a lot. We will continue next class.

Next class Monday and Wednesday Toni.

Continue lab Puzzles and Games | ESL Computer Lab

Review writing assignment.

10sept 2013

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1.) I borrowed E’s writing notebook idea. For next class.

2.) I asked them what their favorite childhood toy or games were. I had each of them tell me orally first and I listed the significant, unusual or unknown words and phrases as they spoke.

Then I had them write what they told me. Not exactly nor using each word I listed. The notebook came to mind then. (Alma’s mother would play baseball with them – what a mom!)

3.) I have just begun to email as well. Short bits. I write something, 3-4 lines and comprehension questions.

Not ideal as Rosalinda has no access to a computer nor a smartphone. And perhaps time. So I have to think of an alternative for her. It’s not fair, but the other two love it. I hate to discourage. Plus Alma wants to learn to use email. I don’t have a solution yet for Rosalinda.

4.) I pulled a basic reader from the library. One with ridiculous true stories. Starting with very brief ones with illustrations for them to follow the story, while I read. And then they read. There are simple writing exercises that follow – emphasis on spelling and writing sentences.

5.) Unimportant…We read about a penguin in Japan that shops for fish and brings them home. Incredulous and entertaining. (Joanna told us about penguins in Argentina. And whales that you can touch. Now she can tell other people about penguins and whales – oddly handy.)

11sept 2013

September 11, 2013 § Leave a comment

We worked:

1.) on writing
Your favorite game or toy when you were a child. We discussed the answers and I wrote significant words on the board for each person. Then they wrote down what they told me.

2.) next we read the penguin story.  Save the rest for next week.  Joanna had to leave early.

3.) on Alma’s favorite game, her writing and I corrected her work. On the board.


Rosalinda is still in Mexico this week.

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