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January 22, 2014 § 3 Comments

I have decided the method for presenting to different levels.  Present some material from a basic level working up to more advanced.  It will be new for some, review for others, then advanced for all.  They can gleen what they can from it.  Explain to beginning students to follow as far as they can only.


  • To Be: Simple Present to Continuos – further is possible
  • Present Tense – Simple and Progressive/Continuos : worksheets


  • Pronouns – Personal, Possesive (and Possesive Adjectives) : worksheets
  • Prepositions of place – on, above, over, in front of, beside, below, under, behind. : handout beginners, verbal review for all.
  • Phrases using Over – “get over it” “I am over that/him” “over there” “over-time” “over time” – it will get better over time – “over do, eat, use, protective”
  • What about “too”? – goes with “over”

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Again, a lot of material depending on explanation time.


class 24april

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Continue from 17april, last week, with: Present Continuous and Verbal

Present Continuous:


class 17april

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Simple present from


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