Class September 28, 2015

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Monday. Today is cloudy, warm and breezy. It is overcast too. The sun peeks through the clouds sometimes. When the sun comes out it gets hot.

Conversation about the past weekend.


We talked about sleeping habits and used that for grammar work.

Positive simple present and negative, positive simple past and negative. Written. See photo below:


We reviewed some translations from the list page 39, Negative To Have chapter from *……

  • Whisker, facial hair on men and animals
  • Mean, as an adjective
  • Trunk
  • Finish this list…



Class 21 Sept. 2015

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Beautiful, kind of hot, day. Clear blue sky with slight, occasional, breezes.


To Have

  1. Simple present
  2. Negative
  3. Question

Home work assigned to do exercises and vocabulary from ***** book.

3 chapters.



The students prepared information about the symbolism of their nation's flag. I pulled up an image of the flag while each student presented the info to the class. Very interesting!!!

  1. Dominican Republic
  2. Mexico

Next Class

  1. Review homework
  2. Practice conversation
  3. I will present the US flag





Class 16 September, 2015

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We started off in an unplanned direction.  I found out the yesterday was Mexico Indepence Day.  So I had the students look up info online about their country’s independence day dates.  History and reference practice.

  1. When is independence day?
  2. What is the year of indepence?
  3. Was there a war?
  4. Who fought in the war?
  5. From whom did their country gain independence from?

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