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Today we have B, G, and S.  Ye has an appointment.  Ya, I don’t know.


Continuous and Progressive mean the same thing.  Sometimes you will see one word or the other word when you look in books or online about grammar, using verbs.

We went through Progressive: Present, Past and Future

We have been working a lot on Progressive Present, so I took the opportunity to add Past and Future.

How to form Continuous/Progressive verbs:

  • We add To Be and a verb with -ing on the end.
  • There are 2 verbs to use : To Be, is a verb.  The -ing word is a different verb.

To Be – some form of it must be used!!!!
remember – I am, I was, I will be… 

After To Be word, you use -ing verb.

Use words like playing, running, eating…

With the 2 verbs together you make Continuous/Progressive
am eating lunch right now. 
I was eating lunch yesterday.
I will be eating lunch tomorrow. 

Remember the Future Simple of To Be is: Will Be.
it is not Will, it is Will Be.

Remember to always use a To Be word.
We never say I eating, I playing…never.  You will sound stupid and confuse people.  Mostly you will sound stupid. (I am joking a little with stupid.)

Class and Homework: 

Worksheets on present Progressive – 2 of them. We will review the worksheets in class next week.
They still forget to use To Be, must watch for this. 

Computer Lab

Next Class

All Present Progressive:

 – Games http://classlabs.wordpress.com/2014/11/16/present-continuous-games

The Princess and The Pea in 2 weeks.
I copied the story and made questions to answer for comprehension.
On my Practice English site http://toni-english.com/quiz/2014/11/16/the-princess-and-the-pea-quiz


Class 12nov, 2014

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Today it was just Ye and me. I planned on doing Present Continuous/Progressive and Ye had homework of similar work. So that’s what we did.


Present Continuous

This is for talking about what is happening right now. There are more ways to use Present Continuous – but we are working with “right now”.

We use To Be and -ing word.
Remember, I am, You are, He is…
We use To Be with an -ing verb.

Present Continuous:

To Study – studying
I am studying.
You are studying.
He, She, It is studying.

We are studying.
They are studying.
You are studying.

To Teach – teaching
I am teaching
You are teaching
and you know the rest.

Making questions with Present Continuous

Notice that the noun and verb switch places for questions in English.

You are working. Are you working?

When you add a Question Word – like What, Who, How, When, Why and Where – you switch the noun and verb the same way.

What? Present Continuous:
We must switch the noun and verb, and then add -ing words.

Eat: What are you eating?
I am eating lunch.

Do: What are you doing?
I am studying.

Teach: What are you teaching?
I am teaching Present Continuous.

Study: What are you studying?
I am studying Present Continuous.

Eat: Where are you eating?
Teach: Where are you teaching?
Study: where are you studying?

(To Do is special in questions. We will study it more in the future.)

Why? When? How? Are used the same way. (To Do is a little different. Do not use it here right now)

Question Word + verb + noun?

Ye did a great job, without help after we practiced a little. Excellent!!


We practiced with part of Ye’s homework. She did very well.

I will send Ya and G a link to the worksheets that I prepared for today. Ye will work on it in 2 weeks.

I need to make online exercises for Questions/Q Words Present Continuous.

We had a very good class. Ye worked hard and it paid off. Success!

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nov5, 2014 In Class

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Today we had Ye, G and B.  We had a lot of discussion for the first part of class.  G and B understood each and had to explain what one or the other was trying to to me!  Usually I am the one who understands and must explain.  That was crazy, and excellent.


Halloween Oct. 31

Halloween is a holiday in America, Canada and Europe only. It started as a pagan holiday 2000 years ago by the Celts.  They believed that on one night every year the bad spirits would come back and destroy their crops and cause big problems.  So they dressed in costumes and lit big fires to scare the spirits away.

Halloween was celebrated the way we do it today in the 1800s.  It is a fun holiday for children, it is not serious.

All Saints Day Nov 1

In America it is the day to celebrate all saints.  Saints are very special people who are very holy.  They have strong spirits and faith.  They are people that do not need to tell other people what to do, or tell them if they are good people or bad people.  Saints are very good people who do good things.  Saints do important things, like help people, feed the poor, and die for their religion.  Saints to not kill or hurt people.  And they have experienced or have done miracles. (In the Catholic Church)

– I was confused here I need to look this up…

In Mexico they do not celebrate Halloween.  They have 2 days that are serious.  They go to church and pray.  People will cry and be very sad on these days.

Dia de Muertos – Day of the Dead Nov2

Something about remembering “the dead babies” and an event?

All Saints Day – Nov.1

In Honduras there is a Dias de Muertos which is celebrated in Sept.  They have parties and fun.


We discussed saints.  What they are.  Buddha was a good person, not a god.  Even though people worship Buddha like a god.  He was like a saint.  He did many good things and helped many people.  I suggested a Mo’mun as an Islamic saint.  We learned about an Islamic saint, a Mo’mun, who sacrificed his body and life trying to bring water to children during a siege.  He went to get water for the children, and they cut his arm off, he went back again – they cut off his other arm.  He kept trying until they killed him.

For Catholics, the Pope and the Vatican decide if someone is a saint.


A word with one meaning used in different ways.  Land can mean a country or nation, “There are many different lands in the world.”  Land can mean a place that is not water, like the ocean or a lake – land is the part of the earth that is not water.  Land can mean a place that you own.  Your house is on your land.  If there is no house then it is called your land.

B went to Six Flags

Amusement park – a big place with many scary rides, like roller coasters, where you take children to have fun.  Six Flags is an amusement park.

Park – a place outside with trees and places to sit.  We have a big one by the lake in Austin.

Haunted house – a special house for Halloween in which there are many scary things and scary people for fun.  There was one in Six Flags.


Tricks – things people do to surprise or scare you.  A haunted house is full of tricks.

Computer Lab

We discussed a photo on my website.  We guessed what was happening in the photo.  Link to photo Here.  http://toni-english.com/blog/2014/11/05/whats-going-on-in-this-picture-nov-3-2014/Then we read about the photo.  We discussed Ebola – a terrible disease that kills many people. The people get very sick very fast.  They bleed from their eyes, nose and other parts of their bodies.  “Ebola fight” is the work to stop Ebola.

We continued to work on To Be, Simple Present and Past with Not.  B’s son joined us.

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