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On this beautiful Spring day we need a poem! 

(Note: I posted this before, but it is not here.)

Reading and Vocabulary:

Hello Spring!!

© Sal
The cold winter has passed and now comes Spring.
The newly hatched baby birds will cause the mother birds to sing.

The warm sun comes out, little cherry blossoms are in bloom.
Beautiful roses will open up and smell of sweet perfume.

The winds soft breeze passes through the tall trees.
There will be plenty of work for the busy honey bees.

From flower to flower, they fly & buzz all day.
Spring is that magical time during March, April and May.

Source: http://www.familyfriendpoems.com/poem/hello-spring#ixzz2wLIYYns6
Family Friend Poems

  • They copied the poem
  • I handed out a printed copy afterwards


Poem, flowers, animals, insects, birds, honey bees, weather,  cold, winter, warm, sun, soft, winter, sun, breeze, hatch, new, bird, to bloom, smell, busy, plenty, fly, magical.

  • I showed them how to use the cards.
  • They created their own cards the rest of the class, unprompted!

We will not be so meticulous with small words eventually.  For now I want to build up a basic vocab to keep the class on the same level.  And they like the cards – the process and results.  I must watch translating of course, but at this level it helps immensely.  

Start Unit 2

We started by discussing the picture on pg 18. 
I explained ESL
We practiced full sentence answers to my questions about the picture. Need to continue that:
  • First I asked, they answered
  • Then I gave them the complete sentence – plus written
  • Had them answer same questions with complete sentences. (I blocked the board.)
Class Rating per students:  good class.

5mar2014 in class

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Good class!  G and Y.  We finally started Flashcards and got to the computers.   School printer was not working, so we did not do the worksheets.  The sheets are printed versions of the computer exercises.


A).  Paragraph about weather.  Combined ‘last Sunday’ and ‘today’…I erased everything before recording it.

  • We changed the tenses from past and present to present and future.   Went well.
  • Made Flashcards from words in the Paragraph.  Forgot to write the paragraph and word list! Get it from G’s notes.

B).  We did the exercises listed in Computer Lab – Basic Simple Present.  Went very well.  I had the pages on the big wall screen as we went through each page.  Should have done that long ago.


Flashcards –

  • I need to show them how to use Flashcards!
  • Watch that the blank and lined sides remain consistent for English on one side – Spanish or definition on the other side.
  • Translation is okay for now – ideally move to definitions, pics or other non-translation cues.

3mar 2014 Class – oops, no car keys, no class.

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My hubby left with two sets of keys, and one vehicle.  Bummer.  So, this Wednesday:

Today I hope to get to the computer lab. We will preview the computer exercises, or similar ones, in class.   Still moving slowly while I am introducing various regular activities and exercises.  Looks to be a lackluster class.  No!  Computer is highly anticipated – Yay!

Describe the weather: Today cold, sunny, windy.  Yesterday: wet, grey, warm THEN cold.

A). Saying:

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Meaning: Different people see beauty in different ways. What one person finds beautiful may not appeal to another person.

Note: beholder (noun) = person who beholds | behold (verb) = look at; observe

  •  Have them each read the saying aloud
  •  List Vocabulary words. 
  •  Explain the meaning and discuss
  •  Have each student tell me what it means and use an example – I think rainy days are beautiful, many people do not agree. 

 Probably not use, could be confusing:

Quick Quiz:

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” usually means that

  • people who behold tend to be more beautiful
  • what one person thinks is beautiful, another may think is ugly
  • the eye is beautiful 


B).  Worksheets to prep for computer lab

  • Review Simple Present – stress simplicity of adding an S for 3rd/singular, the rest remain the same. 
  • To Be – review.  Do not leave on the board. They can use their notes.
  • List verbs from the worksheets on board – they actually do not need to know anything but the definition of the subject.
  • Introduce apostrophe S as Possessive indicator.
  • Do the worksheets – they should use their notes, and help each other (a little)

worksheets below FIRST, THEN COMPUTER LAB:




C).  Computer lab – second hour, allow extra time for this as it is a first time computer use.

  • Use overhead to guide through each step – logging in, browser, URL etc
  • toni-english.com then to menu item “Computer Lab”
  • Note:  change lab exercise date to today?


D).  Vocabulary as lists presented above.
E).  Grammar – Worksheets and Computer Lab
F).  If time allows – finish workbook

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