The Paragraph

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Every Session – Start with The Paragraph 

This will go quickly.

An exercise to engage students, encourage speaking and communicating with little to no translation.  Develope reading, pronunciation, grammar skills and vocab. 

Speak together with students as a group, chit chat to start the class – then choose one student to give you information via questioning.  Write about 4 plus sentences on the board as I review the question/answers out loud to clarify.  Repeat verbally after the student speaks and write on the board what the student says – corrected.  No explanation – just write. 

Basic Level, increase level over time:

Today I am in English class.  I want to learn English to get a better job.  I am from southern Illinois. I live in Austin Texas.  I like to watch TV.   I like to study English.

  1. I read the paragraph aloud first.
  2. Each student individually reads paragraph aloud.  Correct pronunciation – all.  Strictly. Y’s are not J sounds.  Watch for full words.  Wan-ted, not wa-ne.
  3. Change person – Today YOU are in English class…
  4. Change tenses – Yesterday YOU WERE in English class…
  5. Define and conjugate new verbs on another board as we go.
  6. List new/usual words to the side.  Discover definition verbally as a group – until everyone gets it.
  7. New idea – use list and verbs for Flashcards.  No translation.  Note Noun vs. Verb.
  8. Do not write definitions – let them write and use their own notes.  (Oops, Flashcards need definitions. Think it through Toni.) 

transition, and class plan

February 4, 2014 § Leave a comment

We have talked with the advanced students – my gals! – to moving on. They are quite ready for the next level. I will miss them dearly.   I am in contact with them, so it will not be cold turkey. 

We will be getting new level 2 students soon.  I have been told there is no level 1 class currently.  Likely the new students are not computer users…yet.  I will take care of that.  And email accounts.  Vital basic skills.  The keyboard, mouse, text boxes and double clicking are daunting for first time users.  This time I shall write everyone’s email and password. 

Where shall we start?  With the book a bit – verbal descriptive.  As much as I can figure out how to use the book. Very complicated teacher directions in it. Grammar is not presented in a helpful fashion, so that is number 2.  Present a list of nouns and verbs with definitions.  Do The Paragraph exercise – switching out person and tenses.  Then computer exercises. 

  1. *Remember books.
  2. Notebooks – make sure they date session notes and use for computer work.
  3. Grammar – review To Be, try to explain nouns and verbs.
  4. *Create online quizzes – determine if a word (from the presented list) is a noun or verb, and To Be – Simple Past, Present, Future.
  5. Set up Gmail accounts – allow for extra extra time for this. Use my address for back up – lost pwd retrieval. 
  6. Make sure they write down their login info in their notebooks, correctly!
  7. Perhaps introduce Flashcards – they will create some each class?
  8. *Buy notecards for Flashcards. 

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