26feb class

February 26, 2014 § Leave a comment

Full class!  M, Y and G.

Quick Paragraph not used.

It is very cold again now.  The sky is grey, it is not sunny outside.  It rained early this morning, a lot of rain.  We need the rain, we are in a drought.  It was 80 degrees a couple of days ago.  Then it was very sunny.  It was not rainy.  It was not cold.


I will review Simple Present for To Be and regular verbs to prepare for the Computer Lab

Reviewed substituting pronouns and nouns for correlating verb tenses

Example paragraph for noun pronoun substituting:
Yesterday a man was singing. The man was walking a dog. Then the man saw a cat. The cat ran away. The man chased the cat.

First sub ‘he’ for the man, then ‘two children’ = they, ‘my son’ = he, ‘my daughter’ = she, …

We worked on substituting, we all weren’t quite ready for the computer exercises.  Next Class:  I will distribute the worksheets below FIRST, THEN COMPUTER LAB:





chase, play, cat, then, look vs. see, looking for, a lot
Pronunciation, spelling and defined talk vs take, talked vs took.


Unit 1 pg 4.  Writing descriptions, adjectives in the correct order – article, size, color, pattern, noun.
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