24feb class

February 24, 2014 § Leave a comment

Today we will work in the Ventures Book and Workbook. I would like to do the Ventures online exercises, but sound is an issue.  There are a couple of headsets available.  Test the stuff I bought.

The goal is to finish Chapter One and start the Workbook.

What we did – We had G and Y today in class.

Verbs: Regular 
Introduced Regular Verbs and they gave me examples.

  1. To Clean
  2. To Play

Unit 1.  Book.  4 & 5 sections
Work and life skills in English verbal check lists. 

Important!! G would like to be a cashier.  Y would like to be a hotel receptionist

I added:

Asking for a price:

  • How much is this?
  • How much is that?

I presented Directions: 

  1. Define: Instructing how to get to a place
  2. Define: Cardinal – north, south, east, west
  3. Using a map
  4. Cardinal directions and maps, pulled up Austin on the iPad and used the wall paper world map.
  5. Cardinal directions and road names

I had each student give me directions.  Good – needs practice.

Workbook. Unit 1

Describing things 

Note:  the wbook presented exercises on material that was not presented:
in descriptions, adjective word order – length, color, pattern. 

  • Clothing
  • Hair

Continue the workbook next class. 

Next Class:

  1. Do some more of the workbook – just some.
  2. Computer exercises!  
  3. And Gmail – then they can use it on their phones.
  4. Grammar – 
  5. Vocab – 
  6. Story






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