19feb class

February 19, 2014 § Leave a comment

We have , M, and G. A full class!

We started with an Aesop’s Fable: The Goat and the Ass.
I decided to transcribe the story.  Mule, not ass!  And write it on the board.  Maybe not the best idea, it’s longer than I thought.  But writing is good…punctuation too.  They were keen to write it down themselves.

I). The first hour of the class was preparing for the story:
Writing. Vocab mainly.  To make sure they understood all of the words.

I explained periods and quotation marks.

Vocabulary: Phones and dictionaries in hand
fable, jealous, treat, badly vs bad, grind, mill, carry, heavy, pretend, seizure, ditch, hurt, lungs, moral, told, lie, should, kill, help, veterinarian

Grammar: To Tell and To Take – Simple PPF only.  Gave examples of Take.  Take a bath, take an exam, etc.  Each spontaneously gave me great similar examples of Take.

II). The Fable:


  • We each read the story aloud.
  • I went through it line by line, clarifying with their help.
  • I told the story.
  • I had them tell me the story in their own words.
  • Conclusion:  The goat was bad. She told the mule to do something bad and ended up dead because of her bad idea.

At the end of class I was applauded!!  Big satisfied smiles and good words from everyone.  So awesome.  We rocked it!

* I made sure they knew what a fable was before leaving class.  Not just a story.  Our conclusion: a moral story, ideas about conscientiousness.*

Next Class:

Finish Chap 1.  Start workbook too?

Computer Lab ideas:

  • Quiz about the story?  Some vocabulary q’s? Using their notebooks.
  • Exercises for Chap 1 that accompany the book on computer – Ventures site.  Maybe the following week – after the Workbook.

More Lab Ideas:
Again: Set up gmail accounts.  And/or get email addresses.
Spend a few/couple of minutes in lab writing to me.  Punctuation important!  One idea per sentence to start.

  •  Perhaps about class that day…likes, dislikes, more of something.
  •  How do they feel today?  Tired, happy, worried?  Present some mood words on the board first.  Review To Be.
  •  Desires. I want to…I would like to….  Present their suggestions on the board first.  Stress infinitives – I want To Do something.



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