10feb class

February 15, 2014 § Leave a comment

We had a productive class.   Guadalupe and Maribel.  I don’t remember details so I will need to update this. 

Simple tongue twister:  I want to practice S.  Initial and final letter S in words.  They were able to do say it quickly after a practice or two.  Yes!  Next time a longer one.

She sells sea shells on the sea shore.


To Live, To Read, etc? Don’t recall!…faded into to grammar actually.


Explained pronouns as singular and plural – specifically You.

Introduced the Continuous.  Past, Present and Future.  
Clarified that Present Continuous is the actual present tense of action.  

Simple Present can mean now and in general:
ex: I eat cake vs. I am eating cake.  I do homework vs I am doing homework.  

Next Class – forming ‘ing’ of verbs. Worksheets.

The Book:

Chapter 1, p2. 
Giving personal information. D.O.B, address, phone, etc. 

Read a dialogue, question/answer – then fill in blanks. 
Fill out a form with their own information.

Interview each other.  Present the info to the class about the other person – by way of introduction.
“This is Toni.  She lives in Austin…”


I need to play around with the CD from the student book
G listens to the CD will driving.
M’s CD does not work – replace in next class 
Create formal vocab – list or reading related. 









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