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January 27, 2014 § Leave a comment


Start using the book.  Beneficial for the new students.

Topics for glitter book –

  1. Rewrite The Paragraph – changing tense, person, adjectives, or nouns.
  2. Introduce well known works of art – presentation, group discussion, then individual writing:
  • Stick to representational art for vocabulary purposes.</li>
  • Give artist, name of piece and date.
  • Historical context would be good too, occasionally, overkill – I don’t care.
  • Write:  These will be separate writing topics, not all at one time…

Feelings from or about it, and why.  Describe it – colors, name of objects, number of objects, painting, stained glass, fresco, sculpture – statue. Setting – a room, church, house, field, time period, war, coronation, nativity.

Item 2 caveats…

PROBLEM Technical and logistal problem:  No overhead projector, no color copying, computer lab has lg screen – but it is open and centrally located – we may disturb other people.   Rats!!


Note:  well known pieces so not distributing copies to keep is not all bad. Still it is extremely lame.

  • Use computer lab anyway đŸ˜¦  Then they could see on their own screens too.  Visiting museum sites is awesome.
  • Have color copies made – use plastic sleeves.  I keep copies.  đŸ˜¦
  • Combination of above – intro, discussion, vocabulary in classroom, write in computer lab.
  • Possibly write about piece on computer – in comments, or create a member only place/forum on my site for students.  Ideal, but just logging in and starting may be a time consumer

Forum for Students on my website –  spontaneous activity, perhaps. 

  • A place to practice writing/reading to each other?  Like texting?  Perfection not required.
  • Perhaps I can pose conversational questions, they can answer.  What did you do last week, etc.

Computer Lab

View works of art by the same artist, others in the same school of work or time period.   Museum sites!

Also have them Google Search for images by the artist. 


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