after class 11nov

November 11, 2013 § Leave a comment

Class Session:

  • We did the Tonugue Twister
  • Vocab: bittern, bitter, biter
  • And conjugated To Bite, regular verb – simple present, past and future
  • Missed Modals
  • Computer lab completed and finished puzzles – Joanna did the games too (she liked it very much) – I had them post their interpretation of the photograph in comments, if they had an email address.

Maribel and I stayed late to finish a puzzle – food
A very successful class! Yay! Except the headphones were a problem again. I requested speakers. They may buy headphones again too.

Next class:

Preferably printouts:

  • Bring is lists of some Regular and Irregular Verbs
  • Also reflexive pronouns: himself, myself, themselves etc.
  • Modals in general – intro
  • Modal – CAN

Postcard exercise for writing – Glitterbook.  Possibly a letter instead – no card or mail…unless they have someone to send something to in English

  • Write postcard/letter in GB
  • Copy to real postcards
  • Post cards to someone, themselves, me?  Whichever.

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