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Continue from 17april, last week, with: Present Continuous and Verbal

Present Continuous:



Verbal Exercises

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We need more verbal work with these worksheets:

Question formation too.

class 17april

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Simple present from


ideas for 17apr

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Writing simple sentences worksheet (PDF)

ESL Flow/Teach with pictures is for teachers.  Oral exercises of dictation and describing images – complete, printable, PDF worksheets, directions and lessons.

Springtime – set of activities about Spring for beginners.

Ezzy class 8apr

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Currently I use the book “More True Stories Behind the Songs” by Sandra Heyer (I’m picky though and only choose tolerable songs, I’ve also created my own lessons in the same format but with songs I enjoy). The students enjoy the true stories. Often we get into good cultural conversations. “101 Word Games” by George McCallum.

Lastly, “Writing it Down” by Women’s program- This writing book is new for the class. It starts with applications and lists while getting gradually more involved. Everyone except Alma seems to have a long way to go as far as confidently writing independent sentences.

I would love to do more listening exercises in class. We’ve been reading a lot. I think they zone out sometimes. Several of the listening resources in the tutor library lack the actual CDs to go along with text. I suppose I should use the internet anyway. But, its one of those things I haven’t made time to research. If you got any suggestions on that, hit me up.

Here is my lesson plan for next Monday.


16 min. Review vocabulary from “The Professor and the Peace Train” with flashcards. Make sure each word is understood.

15-20 min. Continue vocabulary review with “What word am I?” game. Students must ask each other questions to find out clues about the word on their back. As a class, write leading questions on the board “Am I a verb?” “Am I a person?”

15-20 min. Reread “The Professor and the Peace Train”

6 min. “Understanding Summary”


10 min. “Understanding Dialogue”

10 min. “Discussion / Writing” done with story

8 min. Brainstorm about the writing topic “Applications” Ask each student to share a past experience of filling one out. Show samples.

8 min. Hand out list of abbreviations, answer any questions

15 min. Students work in pairs filling out 2 applications, walk the room

10 min. Conversation Game: Neither Yes nor No

Backup: Start vocabulary flashcards for next story “Three cups of Tea”

After class 3apr

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There were three of us today. Me, Alma and Ania. We worked on To Give – the tenses, grammatical persons – 1st, 2nd, 3rd, singular and plural. They did the quiz To Take (intro).

Present Continuous Lesson

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Present Continuous :

  1. Lesson (print) –
  2. Online ex –
  3. Song, listen w/lyrics Sailing –

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